New Year Brings Friends in the Indie Writing World

ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿªThe first casualty in the so-called self-publishing revolution has been literary fiction – if it ain’t about vampires, werewolves, wizards, wargs, elves, spaceships, robots, superheroes, zombies, super-spies, dragons, detectives, car chases, explosions, then it’s buried somewhere deep and dark and beautiful and good luck finding it. I figured the best writers were all dead and gone and that I was one of the last rock and roll survivors beating on the keys late at night and writing about – god forbid – people…we are in a cultural wasteland, make absolutely no mistake about it…the geeks have taken over the world and they ain’t letting go anytime soon –

So imagine my delight when I discovered Ted Prokash at Joyless House Publishing- – this guy writes and publishes his own stuff, like we do here at Screamin’ Skull Press, and he writes like one of the Lost Generation from the 20’s – you know, that ex-pat American and UK bunch hanging out in Paris, drinking, fucking, doing drugs, reading, writing, loving, hating, and trying to figure out what the hell this thing called life is all about – he especially reminds me of Fitzgerald, but with a good dose of Americana punk-rock/rock-punk thrown in there, and a touch of Iggy Pop for good measure.

It is beautiful work man, I dug it the second I read the first excerpt and I wrote this review about his novel, A FOOL FOR LESSER THINGS –

I am reading his second novel, THE BROTHERS CONNOLLY,, and it is just as smoking as the first one – second review for Mr. Prokash coming soon, kids…so check out his site, read his work, buy some shit, and while you’re at it buy some of our shit as well, go through our site, see and feel the wonders and marvels and, ahhh, fuck it, BUY OUR BOOKS!…

Thus on New Year’s eve, 2015, I write these words, 6 Rye and 7’s in me (more to come), while listening to The Replacements, their “PLEASED TO MEET ME” album, nice and loud, alone (wife Nicole at work), feeling dizzy and happy and ready for another kick at the goddamn wheel man, more laughs, tears, triumphs and beautiful failures – I’m also thinking some good grass right now would really fit the bill, don’t ya think?